Fae Farm

A farming sim set on the enchanted island of Azoria where players build and expand their homestead, explore the island, and gather resources as they seek to restore harmony.

Phoenix Labs
Phoenix Labs

Fae Farm Review

For a game that boasts all the coziness, there sure is a lack of it. Fae Farm offers itself a competitor to games like Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons. But does it make a splash? It does, but unfortunately for the wrong reasons.

Game Content

Fae Farm First DLC Out Now

Phoenix Labs has released its first major free DLC for farming sim Fae Farm. Coasts of Croakia adds a new location, story, and more.

Fae Farm to Include Cross-Play

Phoenix Labs announced that Fae Farm will have cross-play. Steam, Epic Games Store, and Switch players will be able to work together on their homesteads this September.

Fae Farm Releasing in September

Phoenix Labs announced a September release date for Fae Farm. The farming sim will be available on PC and Switch.

Fae Farm Gets New Trailer

Phoenix Labs provided a new trailer for Fae Farm. The video gives a quick introduction to the farming sim, which is set to launch on Switch in 2023.

Fae Farm Launching in 2023

Phoenix Labs announced Fae Farm. The co-op farming sim takes players to an enchanted island on Switch next year.

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