Latest Shiren the Wanderer Title Details Rescues, Parallel Play

Spike Chunsoft released further details for the upcoming roguelike dungeon-crawler Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island. The latest update covers the game’s online Rescue and Parallel Play features, as well as introducing a new character and monsters.

The new Rescue feature will allow players to save others who have fallen during their adventures. Players can send up to three rescue requests during each dungeon challenge, though certain dungeons will not permit rescue requests. If the request is successful, the fallen player can resume where they fell with all of their items and money, while the room is turned into a monster house.



The rescuing player is not permitted to bring back any items or money they find during the rescue, but is instead rewarded with Aid Points. These Aids Points can be used to generate useful Rescue Aids, such as the rescuer starting at a higher level or improved stats. Aid Points are awarded even if the rescue fails, based on items and money gained during the rescue as well as the floor reached, with bonus points awarded if the rescue succeeds. If players do not have an internet connection, they will be given the opportunity to rescue themselves, but will not gain any Aid Points.

Meanwhile, Parallel Play lets players upload save data, created at any point during an adventure. If the data’s Parallel ID is shared with others, they can attempt to complete the challenge from the same state as the original player, allowing for competitive contests or relay-style challenges.



Finally, Kantenbo is a new character in the game. He is the leader of the Recluse Monks than reside on Serpentcoil Island. He is hostile to those who visit the island seeking treasure, claiming that the island will be destroyed if a monster known as Jakaku that dwells within is destroyed. Other monsters players will encounter in the case include Death Reaper, a floating ghost-type monster that moves at double-speed but can be damaged with healing items; Ghost Radish, a monster that can throw grass that causes status ailments; and Hat Urchin, a mischievous monster that can grab Shiren’s items and throw them around.

Known in Japan as Shiren the Wanderer 6, Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island sees Shiren and his trusted ferret companion Koppa adventure on the eponymous island, where is he joined by his friend Asuka and supported by innkeeper Suzuna. Each time Shiren enters one of the procedurally-generated dungeons he starts at level 1 with any gear and levels he obtains being lost if he collapses during exploration. The game will release for Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe on February 27, 2024, a month after its Japanese release.



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