Acquire Announces Scars of Mars

Japanese developer Acquire has announced real-time sci-fi tactical RPG Scars of Mars. The game, set in a research facility on Mars in the mid-22nd century, is planned to release on PC via Steam in 2024.

Players take on the role of a commander of a unit of humanoid fighters on a top-secret mission to rescue survivors from the research facility after it loses contact. Players can control four fighters, positioned on a three-by-three grid, and make real-time decisions about who to control and when to dodge, attack, heal, and more.

Each of the humanoid fighters can be customised with different classes, frames and weapons. Each playthrough features procedurally-generated routes through the research facility. Players have limited battery power, with each battle, event, or movement using up power, so they will need to decide whether to attempt to aim to defeat the boss, or consolidate in order to bring back the equipment and items found during the run.




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