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  1. First off, happy tenth anniversary!

    I’m not certain how much I can talk about the Nintendo “giga leak,” but it does bring to my mind a few related questions. I find beta information about video games fascinating, but companies are usually quite tight-lip about them. I love learning about the older versions of Pokemon in the first few game generations, even ‘mons that were scrapped entirely. How the leak happened is a terrible way to go about getting that information, but should companies be more forthcoming about betas and scrapped ideas? How should they release such information? What are some of your favorite RPG-related beta things?

  2. dawgparty dawgparty says:

    Longtime listener first time caller. Thanks for the podcast! What are your favorite RPGs that have been fan-translated? Tales of Innocence(the only Tales I’ve beaten…) being brought up made me remember how many JRPGs got unofficial translations on the DS.

  3. Krull Krull says:

    A big-name developer (or not) shadow-drops an RPG out of nowhere. It’s such a sudden release have been no previews, no trailers, and no critical response – but you rush to buy it immediately.

    Assuming this occurs (regardless of how unlikely it is), what would be enough to make you buy that game? The reputation of the developer? The game designer or scenario writer? The fact it’s the continuation of a series you love and trust?

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