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  1. Budai Budai says:

    When do you consider something a remaster vs a remake?

  2. Victar Victar says:

    How long do you think it will be before the Nintendo 3DS eShop shuts down, and all its digital-only games go the way of WiiWare? (I’ve been focusing on my 3DS digital RPG backlog out of impending dread).

  3. Budai Budai says:

    What rpg series do you think of when you hear the term ‘super polished’

  4. Budai Budai says:

    Citan85 on discord asked, “first rpgs you can remember that had town building”

  5. Budai Budai says:

    What comes to mind when you think of the ps3s user interface?

  6. Budai Budai says:

    How do you balance dying never vs to much in a game? Recently in last remnant winning didn’t feel like an accomplishment, it felt like I finally lucked into the fight working my way.

  7. Budai Budai says:

    Can you think of any underbaked features in RPGs? Where they make you learn something but never really commit to having this system in the game fully or use it in ways that don’t seem full filling?

  8. Recently, Bandai Namco has changed its division of Tales of games. Rather than “Mothership” and “Escort” titles (and apparently, mobile games were their own thing), the games will now be divided into “Original” and “Crossover.”
    This makes the division less arbitrary, and personally, I like that it makes Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World a part of the main series rather than existing in the superimposition of being both a direct sequel and a spin-off at the same time.

    Why do you think Bamco made this change? Are they finally over being embarrassed by Tales of the Tempest?

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