RPGCast – Episode 467: “Cursed Like Adol On A Ship”

Anna Marie puts shirts on. Chris enters mania. Kelley needs a loot box. And you, dear listener, what are you playing? Oh yeah, that car is totally the Ghostbusters car.

Question of the Week?
What’s your gaming set up in bed (or other relaxing setups like the couch)?

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  1. flamethrower flamethrower says:

    Yes, September’s going to be ridiculous. Ludicrous, even.

  2. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    I got the GDQ live experience for most of the week (thanks, massive back injury!) and I’ll add recommendations for the Super Mario 3 race (especially the ending) and Pikmin 3. Also, why did they run Mega Man 8 outside of the Crap Block (I suppose it was the Japanese version…)?

    QotW: Most of my setup is based on the fact that the couch in my apartment separates the living room and dining room, so I just have the systems there.

  3. I try not to play game in bed often, as I have a tendency to fall asleep. When I do, I just have two pillows under my head. I, too, have a pair of chest cushions to help me hold up a handheld. 😛

  4. Victar Victar says:

    Lately I’ve been playing a lot World of Warcraft on my PC trying to get last-minute mage tower challenges finished before the pre-patch arrives and the rewards become permanently unavailable. So instead of playing other games in bed (handheld or not), I play them on the exercycle where I can at least get some exercise to counter all the sedentary PC gaming.

  5. jscarpe jscarpe says:

    QOTW: I don’t play RPGs in bed a whole lot. However, on the couch, I have a particular setup. I have a gaming ottoman which converts to a small chair (handy for games like Xenoblade Chronicles X that have tiny fonts necessitating close proximity to the screen) and I’ll usually have laptop or tablet for looking things up or watching Netflix while grinding, a journal for taking notes, at least a couple of cat toys in case I need to distract a feline during play, a comfy pillow, and all the remotes/controllers so I don’t have to get up to change systems. Sometimes I’ll even have a portable as well in case I change my mind and want to watch TV and swap to playing portably. So basically I just accumulate the majority of my household electronic entertainment devices next to the couch when I play. Comfort is apparently having options without having to move.

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