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Hi, I'm Peter. I grew up on the NES and beyond, fell in love with the SNES, and established my roots in JRPGs very early. My favorite franchise will always be Final Fantasy. I'm also incredibly terrible at writing my own bios.
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United States

PeaTeaSix across the board.

Music, Movies, and lots, and lots of Home and Garden Network.

F. Scott Fitzgerald
J.K. Rowling

Studio Ghibli everything

Favorites are listen in parentheses:

The Legend of Zelda (ALttP)
Mega Man (2)
Castlevania (IV)
Final Fantasy (X)
Earthbound (SNES)

Started out on Final Fantasy IV and Mystic Quest on the SNES before I even knew what RPGs were. I just knew I loved the stories, and enjoyed how the battles were played out.

I am Error.