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Elmon Dean joined RPGamer in 2019 as a reviewer. He has been playing RPGs ever since Dragon Warrior on the NES and even learnt Japanese to play imports. He is a former police officer and the author and creative director of the Godshard Chronicles book and video game series. He alternates living in the Florida Panhandle and the UK.
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Elmon Dean Todd
United States


Charles Dickens
Bernard Cornwell

One-Punch Man
Sword Art Online
Ranma 1/2

Final Fantasy VI
Xenoblade Chronicles
Dragon Quest Builders
Dragon Quest III, IV, V
Secret of Mana
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
The Witcher 3
Lunar: Silver Star / Eternal Blue

I started with Dragon Warrior for the NES. Then I discovered Final Fantasy, Crystalis, and Destiny of an Emperor. Back then I only owned a few RPGs, so after I completed those, I supplemented my cravings with sessions of AD&D.

My love with RPGs started with Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest for the NES. I've been playing and collecting RPGs ever since.

I collect mainly the older console RPGs from Japan, which I showcase on my Instagram account. I plan to document them in the future, especially the more obscure titles that were never released out of Japan.

Other than playing video games, I enjoy writing my Godshard series ( ), lifting weights, attending comic/anime conventions, playing outdoors, and spending time with my family.

I had taught English in Switzerland and Japan, and currently work as a police officer.