Weird West

Survive and unveil the mysteries of the Weird West through the intertwined destinies of its unusual heroes.

Devolver Digital
WolfEye Studios
Devolver Digital
WolfEye Studios
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Weird West Heading to Switch

Devolver Digital confirmed a retailer leak that Weird West is heading to Nintendo Switch. A release date for the Switch version has not been announced.

Weird West Pre-Launch Video Explores Player Decisions

Devolver Digital and WolfEye Studios released the final entry in the Road to Weird West video series ahead of the game’s imminent launch. The video gives a quick look at how player decisions will affect the world.

Weird West Shows Combat, Abilities

Devolver Digital and WolfEye Studios showed some more gameplay from Weird West. The dark fantasy action RPG is set to launch at the end of March.

Weird West Sees New Delay

Another week, another piece of news for Weird West. This time around its a delay for the game, moving its release into late March.

New Weird West Gameplay Shown

Devolver Digital and WolfEye Studios released a new gameplay trailer for Weird West. The new video shows some of the game’s simulation elements.

Weird West Releasing in January

Devolver Digital and WolfEye Studios’ Weird West has a January release date. Players will be able to venture through its dark fantasy version of the Wild West on PC and consoles.

Weird West Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Weird West is an action RPG set in a dark fantasy version of the Wild West. In a new video, WolfEye Studios’ Creative Director and President Raphael Colantonio details many of the things that sets it apart.

Weird West Announced

Weird West was one of the new titles announced during The Game Awards. The action RPG is the debut title from developer WolfEye Studios and takes players to a dark fantasy version of the Wild West.