Forged of Blood

Forged of Blood is set in the fantasy world of Attiras and combines turn-based tactical RPG combat with a grand strategy-style campaign map.

Critical Forge
Critical Forge
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Forged of Blood Update Adds Sandbox Mode

Critical Forge has released a new update for Forged of Blood. The update adds a new sandbox mode to the hybrid between tactical RPG and grand strategy.

Forged of Blood Out Now on Steam

Forged of Blood, a combination of turn-based tactical RPG and grand strategy, is out now for PC via Steam. Those looking to learn what the game’s all about can check out 40 minutes of narrated gameplay footage.

Forged of Blood Enters Closed Beta

Forged of Blood is a combination of turn-based tactical RPG and grand strategy that recently entered a closed beta phase. Developer Critical Forge also released a new overview trailer for the game, which is expected to receive a full release on PC in August.