#JRPGJuly 2019 Introduction

#JRPGJuly is here! Welcome to another year of communities coming together to love, play, and talk JRPGs. For those that are unfamiliar with the event, it was created as a community game-along by Anne Lee of Chic Pixel. The goal of #JRPGJuly is pretty straightforward: play JRPGs and share the experience with others through blogging, social media, forums, the comments, and on the RPGamer Discord server. As always, if you wish to participate on social media, please use the hashtag #JRPGJuly, and start engaging with your fellow JRPG fans!

As always, the RPGamer crew loves being a part of the event. Let’s see what folks are going to be blogging about for the month!

My name is Sam, and I am a the First Lieutenant of RPGamer family. This month I will mainly be tackling Judgment, the only game I’ve been waiting for all month. If anyone distracts me from it, I’ll smash them over the head with a bicycle. If I get some handheld time, I’m still debating between my replay of Suikoden II or finishing Bravely Default.


I’m so excited for #JRPGJuly again! I’m Anna Marie and I am the co-owner of the site, doing behind-the-scenes tasks; I also do coverage of conventions like PAX, writing impressions of games I play. For July I plan on focusing on my Switch backlog which includes a trio of Atelier games, World of Final Fantasy Maxima, and Shadows of Adam — but I’ll probably get distracted by a pair of new releases, mainly Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Wish me luck!


Summer is here and I have the feeling it is the perfect time to finally play that one game I have been avoiding for quite some time. Hi, I am Erik and I have decided to tackle Final Fantasy Tactics for #JRPGJuly this year. I started this game up quite a few times, but every time there was another game that cried for my attention. So now it is just you and me, baby. And by you I mean Final Fantasy Tactics. Don’t worry.

I’m Ryan and I’ve recently been hired on the site to write reviews, having just posted my first one. This will be the first time that I’ve participated in #JRPGJuly and I’m looking forward to it. I will be playing Romancing SaGa 2, which is part of a series of games that I’ve been interested in checking out for quite a while now. In addition, I’ll probably try to get some time into Radiant Historia, a game I still haven’t finished despite starting it over a year ago.


I’m Pascal, and I’m all in for #JRPGJuly this year, assuming I can snap back to some sort of life after the craziness that was E3 earlier in June. I may or may not have gotten an early start to my JRPGs this year (see the last few RPGCasts), but E3 has kicked me off regular gaming for a few weeks, so now I’ll be back in full force. On console I’ll continue tackling Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, which I need to play through in order to get to parts two and (soon) three, while on the handheld front I’m working on Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception.


Is it #JRPGJuly already? Time flies when there are so many other games to play and reviews to write. I’ve made peace with the knowledge there are so many critically acclaimed games that I’ll never find time to play, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on fun. This month I, Zach Welhouse, am taking a look at the PC version of Octopath Traveler. I’ve steered clear of in-depth reviews and haven’t played it before, so I hope it’s good!

I’m Cassandra, Forum Admin, out-of-practice Newsie, and contributor to many a feature. I’m always playing one JRPG or another anyway, so this coming #JRPGJuly is no exception. I’ll be playing through and (I hope) completing Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse. If timed just right, I may finish the month with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Should there be a significant amount of time between finishing SMTIV:A and starting Three Houses, I can always begin Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation.


I’m Wheels, or Mike Apps if you prefer. I host some Q&A Quest podcast or something. For #JRPGJuly I’m going to finally, for real this time, check Final Fantasy X-2 off my completed Final Fantasies list. I have no excuse other than being constantly distracted by shiny new games, which I can’t guarantee won’t happen again in this case since there are some shiny new games coming out in July. I will also probably throw in some comments about my ongoing adventures in Yo-Kai Watch 3.


I’m Josh, a reviewer and occasional editorialist. Goodness, the year has flown by and #JRPGJuly is already here. Normally I would have some grand ambition of knocking one of the white whales out of my much too large backlog. But, since this July I’ll just be treading water till Fire Emblem: Three Houses comes out, I’ve decided to pick Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland. Depending on how that goes, there may be a bit of Sakura Wars: So Long My Love mixed in as well because I apparently feel the need to overload on cuteness this month.

Hi, I’m lolwhoops and this #JRPGJuly I will be playing The Lost Child and Final Fantasy IX on my Switch. They’re both very different games, so it’ll be a nice variation. I might jump into my 3DS backlog with Yo-kai Watch 3 or one of the Devil Survivor games, but the Switch has had my attention for months now.


Hello! I’m Lucas Tahiruzzaman Syed, and I’ll be playing Persona Q2 as a portable selection and Shadow Hearts: From the New World as my console selection (thanks to the RPGamer Staff for grabbing me that as my Employee of the Month perk! I’m so happy to finally have it!). I’m hoping to find at least 30 hours or so to put into SHFTNW throughout the month, and will focus my updates on that since it’s probably a little more interesting to hear about… but I’ll certainly drop in a thought or two about PQ2 since it’s more accessible during my day-to-day and will likely get more time put into it.


I’m Jervon Perkins (online alias SerenityRebirth), and I’m fairly new to the staff. I was hired to write reviews and editorials. I’ll be playing Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. I’ve been playing this MMORPG since 2012. I participated in the PS3 beta and have been hooked ever since. I’m excited about this expansion because it seems like we’re heading back toward a darker narrative. My favorite expansion was Heavensward. The writers for that scenario returned for Shadowbringers, so it’s going to be an exciting experience!


I’m Ryan Radcliff (aka Scar), I write news articles and have reviewed a couple older remakes for the site. I also pop in and do the podcasts ever once in awhile. For my first #JRPGJuly as a member of the staff, I will be playing Mother 3. I main Lucas in the new Smash, and I love Earthbound, so I figured it’s about time to learn the young whippersnapper’s story!


Haeravon here, known to far fewer people as Nathan Garvin away from the world of anonymous pixels. My work as a guide author involves playing video games, which ironically gets in the way of playing video games at times. Suffice to say, Tales of Arise is looking pretty interesting, but my conscience (read: backlog) is making me feel guilty. That being the case, I’m going to try to finally get around to Tales of Berseria for this #JRPGJuly so I can justify buying another Tales game when the time comes.

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