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Zach Welhouse has been working for RPGamer since 2008. He writes reviews and covers the occasional convention.
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Zach Welhouse
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Suikoden II

Mac IIsi shareware and Dragon Warrior on the NES up until now

Bio is an Attack spell that is taught by the Catoblepas esper at a rate of x8. It deals Poison-elemental damage and inflicts the Poison status, and costs 26 MP to cast. It has a hit rate of 120, an attack power of 53, and is vulnerable to Runic.

Vampire Thorn, Daedalus, Level 50 Magic, Level 80 Magic, Magic, Magic Master, Master Tonberry, Kamui, Tentacle, Ultima Weapon, Ouroboros, the Dragon's Den version of Skull Dragon, Kaiser Dragon, Hidon, and Borghese can use the spell against the player.

The Scorpion Tail, Gogo's ultimate weapon, will randomly cast Bio when attacking.