Healer's Quest

Healer’s Quest is a comedy RPG starring the most under-appreciated party member in any fantasy realm: the healer.

Rablo Games
Rablo Games
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Rablo Games
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Healer’s Quest Launching on Switch

The role of the healer is often underappreciated, but it’s too obvious when it goes wrong. After teaching its importance on PC and Mac, Healer’s Quest will soon be educating Switch players.

Healer’s Quest Begins With Interactive Trailer

Healer’s Quest is out now, showing everyone just how important it is to restore damage as well as deal it. RPGamers can get a quick free taste of the thankless role in an interactive trailer.

Healer’s Quest Launches in April

Though dealing damage is important, it’s no good if the party isn’t alive to deal it. However, as many MMORPG players will know, the members often don’t make it easy on the healer.

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