Egglia Rebirth

Nintendo Switch port of iOS and Android title Egglia: Legend of the Redcap. Faced with imminent destruction, Egglia’s ruler and its most powerful wizard, Kuff, sealed his precious kingdom away inside a magical egg. There Egglia remained, kept safe from strife and harm, waiting for the right time to be set free once more. It’s here that the story begins: with a fateful encounter between a girl born to save the world, and a red-capped boy born to destroy it. With the crossing of their paths, a new legend is born.

Brownies Inc.
Brownies Inc.
Brownies Inc.
Brownies Inc.
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Egglia Rebirth English Trailer Released

Brownies Inc. released an English version of its announcement trailer for Egglia Rebirth. The game is set to release for Switch in Japan next week, with a western release to follow at a later date.

Egglia Rebirth Announced

Brownies Inc. is bringing mobile title Egglia to Nintendo Switch. Egglia Rebirth will hit Japan in December, with a western release to follow.