As part of our discussions when creating the new RPGamer.com site, we wanted to find more ways to keep our community involved in addition to our direct commenting system and retiring forums. We would now like to invite all of our readers to join us ahead of what is very likely to be an exciting year for RPGs.

For those unfamiliar with it, Discord is an easy-to-use text-based chat client (with voice capability) that can be run in either a browser or dedicated client. Please be sure to check our server rules, which can be found in the #welcome channel, duplicated below:

  • Profanity
    Everyone is asked to try and keep their language PG-13, with no swearing or pejoratives; this includes removing or obscuring certain letters. Any other offensive language is strictly prohibited. This is not to say that negative comments or heated debate are not allowed, but there is a line that should not be crossed that is defined by the staff.  Feel free to be creative, as long as you’re being polite.
  • Spamming and Promotion
    Our definition of spamming is being excessively and disruptively off-topic and/or rapidly posting numerous posts across the channels without attempting to meaningfully discuss the relevant topics. Self-promotion is permitted to an extent, provided those involved are engaging in the community in other ways first, and that it is not excessive.
  • Linking or requesting illegal items
    Don’t do it. Ever. Do not offer to do so or in any fashion utilise the server to communicate a willingness to distribute illegal material; this also means offering or requesting via PM. This includes digital piracy such as Emulators, ROMs, ISOs, etc. Discussion concerning these subjects is fair game, within limits.
  • Spoilers
    Generally speaking there is no expiry date for spoilers, but things that are well into common knowledge (say, the FF7 plot twist or Dragon Quest titles always having a second, real boss) are fair game. If in doubt, please use spoiler tags: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022320632-Spoiler-Tags-

Joining our Discord server is as simple as clicking here and following the appropriate instructions. We hope to chat with you soon!