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My online alias is Serenity. I’m a writer, educator, and published author of both fiction and nonfiction. I love JRPGs, a weird assortment of music, and openly weep during cutscenes. Oh yeah, and I am a bookworm too and spend WAY too much time inside my head.
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Jervon Perkins
United States


Writing, listening to almost all genres of music, reading, walking (sometimes), having obnoxiously deep conversations, and trying to not think of sweets (because my doctor said so...).

Roxane Gay, Philip Pullman.

Yuri!! On Ice, Sailor Moon, GLEE, Titanic, The Weekend, Moonlight.

Final Fantasy series, Mass Effect series, Tales of series, Dragon Age series, Xenosaga trilogy. (I have so many more...)

In short, I’m a veteran RPGamer. Got serious with it in 2002, after buying FF8. My life has forever been changed...

A lot of my published works speak for me. I’m pretty much an open book. I am passionate about mixing the worlds of literature and video games/other pop culture genres together. I am also a huge advocate for human rights and mental health awareness. But above all, I’m a total geek.