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Thyria Hits Early Access This Week

Developer Twokats and publisher GrabTheGames have revealed turn-based RPG Thyria will be making its way to Steam Early Access this week. Players must save a cursed village while exploring a procedurally-generated isometric map.

Subterrain: Mines of Titan Gets March Release Date

Developer Pixellore Inc. and publisher Freedom Games have announced turn-based survival RPG Subterrain: Mines of Titan will be coming to PC next month. The gameplay heavily emphasizes the management of resources and strategic decision-making.

Dungeons of Hinterberg Gets New Trailer

Developer Microbird and publisher Curve Games have released a new trailer for action RPG Dungeons of Hinterberg revealing a new location. The game is due to be released for PC and Xbox consoles this summer.

One Fenix Down Announced

Solo developer Regalcraft Games has revealed its first game, One Fenix Down, will be released for PC next year. The game will be a turn-based RPG inspired heavily by SNES-era classics.

Enotria: The Last Song Release Date Announced

Jyamma Games has announced Soulslike action RPG Enotria: The Last Song will be released for released for PC and consoles this summer. Pre-orders are currently open on Epic Games Store.

Tamarak Trail Release Date Announced

Developer Yarrow Games has announced that dice-oriented deck-building roguelike Tamarak Trail will be released for PC and all current consoles this month. It is currently available for pre-order on Switch and Xbox platforms.

Blade Prince Academy Release Date Announced

Developer Angel Corp and publisher Firesquid have revealed tactical RPG Blade Prince Academy is due to be released next month. Players are put in the role of Blade Princes, highly trained warriors tasked with protecting the city of Abjectalia.

Coridden Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live

Sweden-based developer Aftnareld and publisher Anshar Publishing have launched a Kickstarter campaign for action RPG Coridden. The game allows players to shapeshift into any monster defeated in battle.

Goblin Stone Gets Release Window

Indie studio Orc Chop Games has announced Goblin Stone will be released for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store soon. The turn-based RPG sees players leading a group of goblins attempting to survive in a hostile world.