Spoiler Warning: Memorable RPG Moments from the Past 20 Years

As part of RPGamer’s twentieth anniversary celebrations, which have been kicked off with the launch of our brand new site, we also wanted to take a look back at some of the times that RPGs have really left their mark on us. To do that, the staff members were invited to come up with and write about some of their most memorable moments from RPGs that have been released during the site’s tenure, and we have collected plenty of stories about those moments and what impacts they had on the game as a whole as well as our writers themselves.

We hope you enjoy our reminiscing about some of the great titles that we have had the pleasure of covering over the years, and would be delighted to hear from our readers about any memorable moments from RPGs that you’d like to share with us. We certainly aren’t even close to covering every RPG with memorable moments and would be delighted to hear your own suggestions and stories on our forums (though please make liberal use of the dedicated spoiler button!).

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