RPGamer’s Overlooked RPGs

Not every game is an unequivocal success. Lots of interesting RPGs fall through the cracks for a wide variety of reasons. Some launch at the end of a console lifecycle and the audience has moved on to newer and shinier things. Occasionally a publisher foolishly launches an RPG at the same time as a marketing juggernaut and it simply gets lost in the wake of the giant release. Sometimes it’s just a matter of an RPG being too complicated and convoluted or having other fatal flaws that limit the appeal.

Here at RPGamer, we wanted to celebrate some of these overlooked gems from across the RPG spectrum. The more obscure and flawed the RPG, the better in this instance. We hope you enjoy reading about the staff’s selections of Overlooked RPGs and join the discussion with some of your favorite RPGs that didn’t get enough attention in the comments.


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7th Dragon III Code: VFD
Child of Light
Dragon Force
The 7th Saga
Tokyo Mirage Sessions