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Best Expansion 2022


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Capcom surprised RPGamers in 2021 by creating one of the best Monster Hunter games ever made in Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch. In 2022, it improved on that title in nearly every way with a full expansion dubbed Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Introducing two original battlefields, over a dozen additional monsters, new hunting companions, and fresh wirebug fighting styles, Sunbreak gives fans of the base game a lot more to enjoy.

However, Capcom did not stop there. The company has been delivering numerous content patches, adding rare species and variant monsters designed to truly test the most experienced of hunters. The first patch added anomaly investigations, which helped to elevate the expansion’s endgame by providing new challenges with randomly determined conditions. This also provided a new way to obtain layered gear, including weapons, that allows hunters to work towards the look they want.



More content is still being added, including new event quests and more monsters. Along with the additions originally introduced, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak takes the hunting experience to the next level. Veteran hunters who felt the base game was too easy will find plenty of tough challenges here, while more casual gamers can enjoy easier investigations to earn new layered gear. This expansion provides every reason for hunters to jump back into the fray and sets an extremely high bar for any future hunter-style games.

Best Ongoing RPG 2022


Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

With the advent of online games, MMOs, live services, and even mobile games, it can be hard to pick a true best ongoing game. It seems like every time you turn your head, a new entry in this category is announced. But even in this marketplace, Final Fantasy XIV continues to stand above all the rest when it comes to offering content, stability, and a warm and welcoming community.



With Endwalker finally bringing to a close ten years’ worth of story, the team has been working hard on bridging the gap towards the future of the franchise. With two major content patches coming out in 2022, the game received a large amount of quality-of-life improvements helping out new and veteran players, as well as many new things to do, and the exciting start of some brand new story threads. The strongest aspect of Final Fantasy XIV is still its story and the new bits of lore that have been provided thus far continue to leave fans wanting more. It’s no mystery why Final Fantasy XIV continues to get such high praise year after year.


by Phil Willis and Robert Albright