Dragon Star Varnir Gets Western Switch Release

Publisher Idea Factory International has announced a western release for Dragon Star Varnir on Nintendo Switch. The Switch version, which released in Japan on May 27, 2021, will release in North America and Europe in summer 2021. A physical release will open for pre-orders on June 15, 2021, through Limited Run Games. The Idea Factory International online store will also begin physical edition pre-orders at a later date. Dragon Star Varnir was originally released on PlayStation 4 in Japan in October 2018 before launching in North America and Europe in June 2019. The PC version was released worldwide in October 2019.

Dragon Star Varnir stars Zephy, a knight that is brutally mauled by a dragon while out on a mission. As he lies dying two witches save him by feeding him dragon blood. After being saved from death, Zephy finds he has new witch powers thanks to the dragon blood that saved him and he reluctantly decides to join forces with the two witches against an innumerable amount of enemies. However, the witches depend on dragons’ blood for nourishment, going mad if they don’t get enough or turning into dragons if they get too much. Players have the option of doing either, and both actions will affect the storyline. Some of the powerful enemies include an Empire out to destroy those like them, malevolent dragon hunters, and a witch more powerful than any before.

During battle, characters can be positioned along three vertically oriented tiers and placed into unique formations that increase physical attacks, magic attacks, or the party’s defense. Players can also fill up the Dragon Gauge and harness the power of dragons, which substantially increases defense and unlocks special abilities. If this is done with low health, attacks become more powerful but defense is lowered. Players can also use the “Devour” skill on an enemy dragon that’s been weakened in combat to obtain skill trees to customize characters. Additional weapons, armor, and level caps released as DLC will be included for free as part of the Nintendo Switch version.



Source: Gematsu

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