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Final Fantasy XIV


Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker logo

There is a lot that can go into an ongoing game, from its community to its story and server stability. This year marked Final Fantasy XIV’s eighth year since its rebranding as A Realm Reborn, with 2021 being a banner year for the game as it saw almost exponential growth ahead of Endwalker releasing as the game’s fourth expansion, providing opportunity but also new challenges.

Naoki Yoshida and his entire team have been very forthcoming over the last year about all the challenges faced in the past couple of year, including the move to working at home, server supply shortages, influx of players, and more. But the way the team has been upfront and communicating with the player base has ensured that the game has retained strong support. While Endwalker brought to a close many of the major story threads that have been running since the very beginning, the team has given the player base the utmost confidence that it will be providing even more stellar content in future and keeping its position as the premier ongoing RPG experience out there.



by Robert Albright