The Magister Switch Version Announced

The Magister, a deck-building murder-mystery RPG, is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC early next year. Players take on the role of a Magister, an agent assigned to enforce the rule of law. After being sent to the distant village of Silverhurst, players are given only 14 days to investigate and solve the harsh death of a fellow Magister.

The Magister is a randomly generated murder-mystery game, meaning each playthrough will be unique to players. Combat situations and negotiations are handled with cards such as Heartstopper, Poison Slash, Weak Joke, and Long Talk. However, if players don’t feel like combat, enemies can be pacified using Tactical Diplomacy for a bloodless outcome.

Players can choose different Magisters that have their own unique specialties and flaws. Ranging from a cunning alcoholic to an intelligent insomniac, each variation will have a different adventure in store for it. Players can recruit a human ally or furry companion. A mercenary, spy, or sage can assist in the investigation as well, while local cats and dogs can be recruited to fight alongside players in battle.

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