Kitfox Games Gives New Information on Boyfriend Dungeon’s Release

Boyfriend Dungeon is an upcoming dating sim/dungeon crawler that’s being developed by Kitfox Games. It takes place in an urban fantasy setting with the player having a human partner that transforms into a sentient weapon. When not in a dungeon the player can date their weapon increasing its combat effectiveness. It was originally scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows in 2020.

In a recently released statement, the development team revealed that the unexpectedness of 2020 coupled with the studio’s work ethic of “don’t crunch to fill a deadline” has forced it to move the release date of Boyfriend Dungeon to 2021. In the same statement, Kitfox Games revealed two characters, originally added as Kickstarter stretch goals, will be moved form the base game to DLC. Leah (Hammer) and Jonah (Axe) will be added after launch, but will be available for free for Kickstarter backers.

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