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Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition ~ Monster Manual 2 12.31.2009
Saving Throw's review of the Monster Manual 2

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Monster Manual 2
published by Wizards of the Coast reviewed by Martin Drury
224 pages, 2009, $34.95
Content 4.5
Organization 4
Consistency 4
Intelligibility 4
Review Scoring

   If there is one universal truth of pen-and-paper roleplaying games, it is that a Game Master cannot have enough monsters. To help satisfy this desire for Dungeons & Dragons Game Masters, Wizards of the Coast released Monster Manual 2. Featuring 170 different types of monsters, the book is chock full of new creatures to throw at players.

The monsters presented cover the gambit from Angels to Demons and oozes to homunculi and elmentals. Also included in the book is a handy index of monsters by level, providing a minimum of seven for most of the levels up to thirty, and even a couple above level thirty. This mix of both monster types and levels makes the book even more helpful.

For the player, a few of the monsters presented can be used as player races. The information provided is skimpy, but complete enough for players to play as Bullywugs, Kenkus or Duergar. While not as popular as the ones presented in the first Monster Manual these races provide some interesting options for players.

Monster Manual 2 provides lots of new monsters, sure to please Game Masters everywhere, and have player characters cursing and running for their lives

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