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Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition ~ Adventurer's Vault 06.12.2009
Saving Throw's review of the Adventurer's Vault

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Adventurer's Vault
published by Wizards of the Coast reviewed by Martin Drury
224 pages, 2008, $29.95
Content 4
Organization 4.5
Consistency 4.5
Intelligibility 4.5
Review Scoring

   No adventurer sets out to slay monsters and discover lost treasures without being properly armed and equipped. To help out would be adventurers, Wizards of the Coast has released Adventurer's Vault: a collection of equipment, magical items and other odds and ends to assist in slaying the mightiest of beasts and in overcoming the wildest dungeons.

The book is split primarily into two sections; one covering equipment and one covering magic items. The first chapter covers masterwork armors and additional weapons that were not presented in the Player's Handbook, mounts and vehicles, and alchemical items. The second chapter consumes the bulk of the book and is devoted to magical items. This chapter expands greatly on what was provided in the Player's Handbook and even provides magical items for companion beasts and mounts. Just as this second chapter takes up the majority of the book, players and Game Masters will find themselves refering to it far more than any other part of the book. Conveniently, the chapter is organized by item slot, making finding appropriate magical items even easier.

The last bit of the book is divided into two appendices. The first appendix is for Game Masters to use in designing their own magical items and providing stories for each of them. The second is simply a compiled alphabetical list of all the items provided in the book. The tips in the first appendix will be a boon for any Game Master new to the 4th Edition rules of Dungeons & Dragons.

The Adventurer's Vault is a handy reference for players and Game Masters alike. Although some might initially balk at the price of entry, it will not take long for the true value of the book to present itself, making the Adventurer's Vault a must have addition for 4th Edition games.

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