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d20 - The Complete Guide to Werewolves 08.08.2008
Saving Throw's review of The Complete Guide to Werewolves.

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The Complete Guide to Werewolves
published by Goodman Games reviewed by Martin Drury
72 pages, 2005, $16.99
Content 4.5
Organization 4
Consistency 4
Intelligibility 4
Review Scoring

   Werewolves have always played a big part in fantasy novels and fantasy gaming, so it only stands to reason that many books would be written to guide players and Game Masters alike in the use of these creatures. One of the best is from the The Complete Guide to... series from Goodman Games.

The book contains seven chapters, sandwiched between an introduction and two appendices. Each chapter covers a critical aspect of werewolves from physiology, social structure, and cultural habits to combat strategies, class options, and new magic. It ends with a chapter devoted to running campaigns with werewolves.

The chapters devoted to werewolf lives will provide endless inspiration for both werewolf player characters and Game Masters looking to make their werewolf non-player characters more complete and believable. These chapters include information regarding the transformation processes, religion, breeds, nations and tribes, diseases and a slew of other minor details that go into making werewolf characters complete.

The class related chapters provide class options for the core classes as well as seven new prestige classes. The book also introduces a new game mechanic called Thorns. Newly created werewolves can select up to four Thorns. Each selected Thorn imparts some sort of disadvantage to the character, but also allows them to select a bonus feat. Along with the Thorns, 34 new feats are provided, 27 of which are restricted to just werewolf characters. Magic users will find a new domain, the Canine domain, 28 new spells, and two new magic items.

If a Game Master is hoping to integrate werewolves into his domain, the seventh chapter will be a boon. Nearly every topic covered in this chapter will lend itself to a campaign that features either werewolves as the main villain or just a large number of werewolves in general. Finally, the book finishes up with appendices containing pre-generated werewolves and new monsters to help flesh out a werewolf campaign.

For players who find their characters recently turned into werewolves, or for a campaign that features either werewolf player characters or villains, The Complete Guide to Werewolves will be a valuable resource to bring these characters and campaigns to life in exciting and fun new ways.

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