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d20 - Hammer & Helm - A Guidebook to Dwarves 02.28.2008
Saving Throw's review of Hammer & Helm - A Guidebook to Dwarves.

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Hammer & Helm - A Guidebook to Dwarves
published by Green Ronin reviewed by Martin Drury
112 pages, 2002, $19.95
Content 14
Organization 16
Consistency 14
Intelligibility 14
Review Scoring

   Tough and Durable, Dwarves form the backbone of many adventuring parties. Hammer & Helm - A Guidebook to Dwarves gives Dwarven characters even more options for dishing out the pain on opponents with a wide variety of new feats, prestige classes, spells, and equipment. These options also allow characters to break out of the typical mold dwarves usually fall into, or take that stereotype to extremes.

This book provides over 50 new feats divided among five distinct groups: general, metamagic, bloodgift, bonding, and spell channeling. Less than half of these feats are restricted to just Dwarves, but this number includes all of the bloodgift feats. The feats that are not restricted to Dwarves offer benefits to all clases and races.

The prestige classes are a mix, some requiring the character to be a Dwarf while others do not. These classes can take the sterotypical stoic Dwarf fighter to an all new level of hardiness or tie a spellcasting Dwarf even closer to earth and clan. The non-race specific classes give these ties to any race that desires them.

Also included in Hammer and Helm are nine new monsters, including four new templates and 2 new races of Dwarf. Over forty new spells are provided, including a new class of magic: Clanheart magic. Five new domains (Armor, Contruct, Fortitude, Stonehearth, and Sword) are provided for clerics. As one would expect with a book on Dwarves, Hammer and Helm provides new armor and weapon choices. This new equipment will come in handy for Dwarven characters in any situation.

For players who enjoy playing Dwarven characters, and Game Masters who are looking to add some variety to Dwarves in their campaigns, Hammer and Helm is an excellent resource. Non-Dwarves can find numerous items of interest in the book as well, making it a well rounded resource for any character type.

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