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d20 - Book of Templates: Deluxe Edition 09.21.2007
Saving Throw's review of the Book of Templates: Deluxe Edition.

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Book of Templates: Deluxe Edition
published by Goodman Games reviewed by Martin Drury
192 pages, 2005, $34.99
Content 12
Organization 16
Consistency 14
Intelligibility 13
Review Scoring

Templates can be a Game Master's best friend when it comes to whipping up a unique monster based on a familiar concept, and with the Book of Templates: Deluxe Edition the Game Master has an almost limitless supply of (certain) templates to apply to the standard cast of monsters. A healthy assortment of variants, a chapter devoted to helping the Game Master develop his own monsters and templates, and an appendix of Campaign Options (skills, feats and spells) round out the book.

The remaining twelve chapters are each devoted to a single creature type. For the most part, the chapters are small, covering no more than ten pages and five templates. The three larger chapters are devoted to Augmenting, Outsiders, and Undead, respectively. Each of these chapters contains numerous useful and intriguing templates while the others are more of a hit and miss due to the limited numbers of options.

Despite the disparging differences in the types of templates, the Book of Templates still provies a diverse number of templates and variants to choose from to drop into an adventure, or inspire new monsters. The skills and feats presented in the book are relatively limited, while the number of spells is somewhat larger, including a useful domain for clerics interested in constructs.

For those Game Masters interested in cranking out lots of new monsters, the Book of Templates: Deluxe Edition makes an useful addition to the gaming bookshelf, but at the suggested retail price, it probably is not worth the cost for most Game Masters.

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