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Pathfinder Chronicles - Curse of the Crimson Throne - Chapter 6: Crown of Fangs 05.15.2009
Saving Throw's review of Crown of Fangs.

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Pathfinder: Curse of the Crimson Throne - Chapter 6: Crown of Fangs
published by Paizo Publishing reviewed by Martin Drury
96 pages, 2008, $19.99
Story 4.5
Enjoyability 4
Adaptability 4
Intelligibility 4.5
Review Scoring

   With the Crown of Fangs, the second Pathfinder adventure path comes to a conclusion. Filled with traps, twists, and misdirection, the final adventure is mostly up to the challenge of successfully concluding the adventure path. At some point in the adventure, if not at multiple points, both the players and the Game Master will wish there were a few less twists and turns in the plot.

Players must face crazed Queen Ileosa intent on murdering a whole city in order to grant herself immortality. In a race against time, the player characters will have to help a rebellion, find where the queen has hidden herself and finally fight off an unexpected rebirth of an ancient evil. The final battles will tax the player characters to the limit, making successfully defeating the villian all the more rewarding. If the player characters should fail, the adventure provides options for a continuing the campaign in a world where a powerful, ancient evil has a firm grip on the region.

In order to help Game Masters flesh out the lore surrounding Kazavon, an article is provided detailing each of the seven relics that survived his destruction. These relics could serve as starting points for future campaigns, or simply as information to make the world of Golarion more complete. The Curse of the Crimson Throne also makes extensive use of a new play mechanic, the Harrow Deck, a method of fortune telling that has long been used in the city of Korvosa. Included in this issue is an article detailing a Harrow version of the deck of many things, provide an unique take on the classic magic item.

Continuing the Pathfinder's Journal, this issue finds Eando Kline divivng deep into the orc city of Urgir. As usual, Eando finds himself in over his head. Rounding out this issue is the ever popular bestiary, detailing four new monsters: a horrific and demon like construct, a worm-like devil, a contract devil, and an over-sized, winged toad hungry for more than just flies. The bestiary also includes a random encounter chart for the Mushfens area featured in the adventure article.

With this issue, Pathfinder wraps up the first year of publication. Without a doubt, Pathfinder has lived up to the legacy Paizo Publishing established when publishing the Dungeon and Dragon magazines.

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