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Kickstarter Round-up for March 2013

Scott Wachter

Sometimes it seems like my job is nothing but summarizing and referring people to Kickstarter campaigns for new RPGs, like today. I present for your perusal the most interesting crowdfunding has to offer this month.

Freeport goes Pathfinder

Green Ronin's long-standing multi-platform setting Freeport, is taking a trip into Paizo’s fields. The campaign will not only see the setting guide converted to the newest OGL darling, but also a new player's guide, a six-part adventure series, Hero Lab support and a promotional Lizardman mini.
Buckle your swash here.

Spark Some Ideas

A new indie-style game is Spark. In which players will team up to co-create a setting, create characters with heavy emphasis on their beliefs. Over the course of a campaign those beliefs will shift and the world will be changed. Sounds a bit like Hillfolk meets the cool narrative bits of Burning Wheel.
Build your beliefs with this link.

Gotta Catch 'em All

The Pokémon Adventure Game was the best selling pen and paper RPG ever. It was cancelled for not meeting 4Kids and/or Nintendo of America's sales expectations. Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters aims to recapture that success. MKM offers both Pathfinder and D&D 4e rules for catching and battling gamers' favourite creatures from the bestiary pages but as well as a suite of new anime-esque creatures.
Find monsters, odd colon placement and more within.

Chicks Dig Giant Robots

Apotheosis Drive X is indie designer David A Hill Jr's take on mecha action for the FATE system of rules. It promises dynamic, character-oriented action in a four-way world war fought from the seat of a high-powered robotic death machine. Also planned is a setting anthology, sketching out a eight alternate universes to make use of the rules; genres vary from fantasy, to space opera, to Lovecraftian, to shoujo romance.
Decide if these two great tastes really do go together at their campaign page.

What have the Romans Ever Done For Us?

Fraser Ronald, mad canuck behind Sword:Noir and Kiss My Axe, has launched Centurion: Legionaries of Rome. The 120 page manual features a complete rebuild of the Sword's Edge System for military role-playing in the historical setting of ancient Rome. The book will feature overview of three eras of Roman soldiering for those players less well informed about the ways of Roman Republic and Empire.
The aqueduct and wine alone are probably worth a donation for the Romans to have their very own RPG.

Return of Thunderscape

The setting of PC RPGs; Thunderscape and Entomorph: Plague of the Darkfall is being revived, in Pathfinder-compatible form. The project is being assembled by a team of writers from Alderac Entertainment. The setting offers a complete fantasy setting, new races, classes, feats and archetypes and all those other fun fiddly bits to make aficionados of exception-based rules gleeful.
Maybe more old PC games should transition to tabletop format, learn more here.

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