XGB-101 Phase II Osprey Heavy Assault Armor (TL9)
contributed by Alen of Bellwood
Manipulator Arms x2
Legs x2
Limited Rotation Turret
Drivetrain: 122kWs motive power leg drivetrain
Arm Motors: ST 500 motor in each arm
Battlesuit System:
250lb pilot capacity
no faceplate
limited lifesystem
NBC kit
trauma maintainence system with 2x hypercoagulin, 2x neurovine, 2x superstim, 2x DX adders, 2x IQ adders, and 10x heal potions
Computer System:
minicomputer with compact, genius, high-capacity, and neural net options.
Complexity-6, IQ-9, DX-12
Programs include vehicle recognition database-1, planetary nav database-1, computer navigation-2, datalink-1, targeting(gatling)-6, targeting(missiles)-6, targeting(handheld weapons)-6, targeting(pod mounted weapons)-6, transmission profiling-3, damage control-2, routine vehicle operation(battleuit)-6, data recovery-2, encryption-6, voiceprint recognition-2, target analysis-5
Built-in Weapons:
20mm Gatling in left arm with 1000 shots
57mm missile launcher in right shoulder with 10 shots
one armorplast switchblade on right arm
one metal switchblade on left
Weapon Stats:
20mm Gatling- type-cr dam-6dx7(3) SS-20 Acc-14 1/2D-2250 Max-9150 Wgt-130 Vol-2.6 RoF-50 WPS-.4 VPS-.004 CPS-$14.40 Cost-$9900 Power-3kWs (full stabilization)
57mm light missile launcher- type-exp guidance-IRH dam-6dx10(10) SS-14 Speed-500 Max-2000 Skill-16 End-4 Wgt-12.5 Vol-.25 RoF-1 WPS-5 VPS-.1 CPS-$1200 Cost-$470 Power-3kWs (full stabilization)
Switchblades- type-cut/sw or thr/imp cut/sw damage-6dx11(5) thr/imp damage-6d+1x9(5)
one 400lb capacity hardpoint on the back
20mi range AESA in turret
20mi range PESA in body
Advanced Comsuite, in turret
IRJ in body, jam rating 4
Deceptive jammer in body, jam rating 4
Power Plant:
160kW NPU in body, powers all systems, fuel good for 1 year
Volumes (including Empty Space):
right leg: 8.1cf
left leg: 8.1cf
body: 9cf
right arm: 4.5cf
left arm: 4.5cf
turret: 2cf
ex-heavy frame with advanced materials
each arm has 204hp
each leg has 152hp
the body has 164hp
turret has 120 hp
Surface Features:
radical emmissions cloaking
radical sound baffling
radical stealth
instant chameleon system
electrified surface
high security alarm
PD-6, DR-345 on 60 degree sloped laminate
max load 5000lbs
standard load(without pod) 4600lbs
empty weight 3900lbs
size mod +2
arms/legs are at a -1 to hit
turret is a -3
body HT-12
4yards tall
1 yard wide
1 yard deep
Body ST-328
Arm ST-500
reach-2 hexes
55mph max ground speed
jump capable

Author's note- This battlesuit was designed for GURPs 3rd ed revised. It was built for a extremely high level GURPs game set in 2050s MegaTokyo. The GM combined elements of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Bubblegum Crisis, Full Metal Panic, and other series to create this world. I got tired of paramilitary vampire squads tearing us apart, so I built the strongest battlesuit possible with my gadgeteer character at this tech level. This thing could rip apart a tank with it's bare hands and shoot down a jet fighter at the same time. Unfortunately, the GM has seen fit to retard energy weapon development on this world, which is why I don't have lasers.(Don't call me a munchkin. Last time, we fought a lich who was piloting a mech. We need everything we can get.) Other than that, it's top of the line and has performed extremely well.