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It's coming! Nov. 21, 2005
Getting ready to bring tabletop gaming goodness to you.

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Coming to a theater near you RPGamer soon. . .

On December 1, not only will there be great deals at your local stores, but RPGamer will be launching a new weekly column on tabletop role playing games (such as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons) and collectible card games (such as Magic: The Gathering). I, Shawn Bruckner, or Nwash, will be your host for this weekly look into the tabletop gaming world. You can read more about me and my tabletop gaming experience here.

For those who don't know much about tabletop (or pen-and-paper) RPGs, I've written a primer to introduce you to them. It's organized into two pages. The first is a general overview of the games and how they are played, and the second expands on certain topics.

At any rate, The Saving Throw is an interaction-based column, and I will be accepting submissions for the following three sections.

  • Gaming Hall of Fame: This is the place for you to submit your favorite gaming stories from playing tabletop RPGs. At least one story will be featured in the column weekly. Additionally, all stories submitted and accepted that week will enter the hall of fame and a link will be featured in the column.

  • Fan Adventures: This is the place for you to share your pre-created adventures and campaigns for tabletop RPGs. Teasers for newly accepted adventures will be posted in each column.

  • Fan Reviews: This is the place for you to review tabletop RPGs or collectible card games. You can also review handbooks, sourcebooks, and official adventures from tabletop RPGs. The review scoring system is explained here.

Guidelines for submissions to The Saving Throw can be found here. Feel free to start sending your submissions in anytime to

Also, I'm trying to get a sense of what people are playing. I'd appreciate it if you would respond to this thread on our message boards, or simply send me an e-mail with a quick list of the tabletop RPGs and CCGs you play. Please include the edition number where that's relevant, and if the game is not well known, please include the publisher and specify whether the game is still in print, should you know. Thank you in advance.

Shawn "Really likes submissions" Bruckner

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