The Saving Throw
Unluckiest Gaming Moments Mar. 8, 2006
These are the gaming moments where sheer statistical improbability was the greatest enemy.

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Attack of the Tentacle Monsters
  contributed by Carrie

   This is a very unlucky encounter that happened in a recent Dungeons and Dragons session. We were playing third edition, but with some house rules mixed in. This was about a 10th level campaign. The DM also loved magical items, so everyone, both ally and enemy, had a nice collection of such. I was playing a fighter, my father was playing a paladin, and there was also a human rogue and a fairy mage. Our DM was having our characters randomly teleporting from place to place, or as we called it, "bleeping."

The DM was throwing us a small encounter against a group of tentacle monsters (I canít remember the correct name). This encounter was more to slow us down while the DM was planning something. On the first round, everything went well. I attacked a monster, the fairy summoned an iron golem from a magic deck of cards, and our rogue was sneaking behind one of the monsters. Then it happened; the Paladin rolled a fumble and knocked himself out. Then as the golem was attacking one of the monsters, it tripped and fell on top of the rogue, killing him instantly. Then one of the monster critted my figher in the nose. He survived it, but his nose didnít. The fairy went to the rogue's body and used his Sword of Wishes to bring everyone back (and restore my nose).

So everyone was at full fighting strength, and only two monsters were left. Then, the paladin tripped and knocked himself out again. Next the rogue was knocked out by a monster. Then my fighter was critted. I moved away from the combat because I didnít have enough remaining hit points to risk another lucky roll by the DM. The iron golem had killed another monster and only one was left. The golem was keeping the monster away from the fairy and my fighter. Well, I wanted to do something to help, but my fighter lacked any ranged weapons, but he had a lot of magic swords. So I took a magic ice long sword and threw it at the monster. Not only did I hit, but I critted him. Our luck had finally reversed. After that the golem finished off the last monster. All characters survived, but with a very bruised ego.

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