The Saving Throw
Most Ridiculous Gaming Moments Dec. 15, 2005
These are the gaming moments that defy comprehension or are simply truly stupid or ridiculous.

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What's in a Name?
  contributed by Nwash

This is an adventure that took place long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. Well, actually we gamed right here on this planet, but it was many years ago. As you may have already guessed, this was a Star Wars RPG adventure using the West End Games system (Star Wars d6). That's only natural, since Star Wars d20 didn't exist yet.

At any rate, this adventure took two gaming sessions to complete. As this was a long time ago, I don't remember all the characters that were involved; many players were playing more than one anyway, so it's a long list. The character relevant to this story, however, is the brash Jedi battlemaster Zeltar Stormrun, who is probably the favorite character of my best friend. He had been originally created as a non-player character for one of his own adventures, but he decided to use Zeltar as a player character for this adventure.

The adventure begins with all the characters being brought together to chase down a starship thief. They didn't know it at the time, but this "starship thief" was actually a Dark Jedi. She used the energy of a star to transport herself 4,000 years back in time, as well as all the player characters, as they were in the process of chasing her. She was on a mission to prevent the fall of a little known Sith Lord by intercepting the Jedi who was responsible.

The player characters managed to catch up just to see this Jedi fall to the unexpected attack from the Dark Jedi from their time. Now, of course, the mission was for the player characters to defeat the Sith Lord on this world, ensuring the original Jedi gets credit for this achievement, and then return to their own time.

I don't pretend to remember the details of this adventure. Suffice it to say many player characters were captured. Those who weren't force sensitive (and thus unable to become Jedi or Sith) were tortured. A captured Jedi was tortured to try to make him fall, but he resisted the temptation, and the Sith Lord began personally training one of the force sensitive characters to turn her into a dark servant. Not all of the characters were captured, however, and they managed to rescue their less fortunate comrades.

This led to an epic showdown between the Sith Lord and Zeltar (I believe the other characters were occupied during this time). At any rate, Zeltar won the battle, and immediately left to avoid an explosion of dark force energy. Once safely away from this threat, he was in the presence of the other player characters, the soldiers of the dark lord (no longer willing to fight), and the freed slaves. At this point, they had basically accomplished their mission; they only had to return to their own time.

But Zeltar is not, nor was he ever, a humble Jedi. Indeed, he is brash and arrogant, and loves to brag. I've long since forgotten what he proudly announced to all the people here; I only remember that he gave his full name in his thoughtless boasting. I immediately groaned, and being nice, I gave him a chance to retract it; we would have just pretended it never happened. My friend did not comprehend what he did, however, and refused to retract his boast. I decided not to explain it to him, and so, they made it back to the future with Zeltar Stormrun getting the credit for defeating this particular Sith Lord, which Zeltar soon discovered. Finally, my friend realized his error.

Remember that I said Zeltar was created as an non-player character well before this adventure? Well, this made for an very unexpected coincidence. I hadn't known it at the time, but my friend had already included a note in Zeltar's background that he was named for an ancestor who was a great Jedi hero 4,000 years ago. This was done well before I conceived of this adventure.

So, yes, that's right. This is the most ridiculous part: we thus discovered that Zeltar Stormrun was, indeed, named after himself.

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