The Saving Throw
Most Ridiculous Gaming Moments July 5, 2006
These are the gaming moments that defy comprehension or are simply truly stupid or ridiculous.

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Snap, Crackle, Popcorn
  contributed by Macstorm

   This adventure took place on a freestyle message board RPG based very loosely on Final Fantasy. Our setting was a completely original world and began on the continent of Stonshine. Characters were allowed to pick a job class from the original Final Fantasy selection: Fighter, Monk, Thief, Red Mage, White Mage, and Black Mage. Experience was based on post contribution and was updated weekly. After a set amount of experience was gained, a class change would be possible. I'm hesitant to call myself the gamemaster for this group, but I did come up with the setting, rules, and helped to guide the characters in their adventure. Our group consisted of a Fighter, a Thief, a Red Mage, a White Mage, and my character, that dressed as a Red Wizard, but was actually a much more powerful mage with access to all kinds of magic.

At this point in the adventure, our faithful party was hiding out from an evil wizard in the small village of Nin near the sea. We had escaped an ambush at dusk in the forest near the town and had been fleeing for a couple hours before arriving at the town gates. In hopes of dividing our pursuers, the Fighter and White Mage took off in one direction while the Thief, Red Mage, and I snuck into the town's largest building. We had walked into a theater packed full of people watching a play. Luckily, we didn't walk out on stage or anything, as we had entered the main door. The three of us calmly walked to the back of the theater and sat down near the concession booth. From our vantage point, we could see all of the visible entrances and were near another exit door in case we needed to sneak out that way. Everything seemed calm, so we decided to act normally and watch the show.

A few minutes later, a handful of the evil wizard's minions busted down the door and caused the theater to go up in a panic. We tried to escape through the exit nearest to us only to find that it was a fake door. As we were banging on the fake door one of the minions spotted us and began chanting. We were trapped; the crowd was blocking one exit and the minions were blocking the other. Fighting was our only option, so we began our charge. Before we had even taken two steps, the minion launched a fireball toward us. Lucky for us, the minion had horrible aim and his fireball hit the concession booth. As the booth began flaming, the popcorn that was stored in there began to pop. There must have been tons of popcorn, because the booth was quickly overflowing. With this interesting turn of events, our Red Mage decided to cast a multiply spell on the popcorn. The successful casting soon had the whole theater buried in popcorn. We could hear the stupid minions screaming in anger, then, frustrated, stopping to snack on the excess popcorn as we made our escape. The three of us couldn't help but laugh as we made our way out one of the side doors and caught a glance of the evil wizard beating his now full minions for allowing us to flee.

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