The Saving Throw
Luckiest Gaming Moments Apr. 26, 2006
These are the gaming moments where pure dumb luck saved the day.

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Prayer Works
featured on Apr. 26, 2006 contributed by Artea

I think this story will forever go down in history as my luckiest gaming moment. There's a lot of background before it happens, though. Our group was playing some Dungeons and Dragons, 3.5 Edition in a pretty standard world. We were on a decently sized island with a few towns, but this place had an undead problem, so naturally we were recruited at the first town to go to the next one and see what we could do about it. That week, one of our players, Kitty, wasn't feeling too good so she couldn't join in. In game, we had her stay behind in the first town we were in and moved on to the next one.

From this town, the rest of our group went on a quest to a ruin to find a magical staff that will get rid of all the undead on the island. Eventually we were able to get this staff, but at a heavy price. My character was the only surviving one in the party. He returned to the second town, successful, but depressed, so the noblewoman in that town decided to marry my character off to her daughter and the session ended there. The next session, Kitty was able to rejoin us. In game, she found a new group of companions to take her to the second town, which were the new characters from the players from the previous session.

Once there, my character explained what happened. The family of Kitty's family happened to be in that town, and for reasons in her character's background, she did not want to be found by them. So her character and her new companions just grabbed me in my carriage (a wedding gift) and rode off. They made me the driver, which was a big mistake since my ride check sucked royally and we were riding through forested areas. There was one point where, in order to stay in control of the horses (our DM was being his usual honest self on this one), I needed a Natural 20. Before I rolled I told everyone, "I'm making my Hail Mary check..." and to the amazement of all, I got the Natural 20 and safely got my companions out of there!

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