The Saving Throw
Funniest Gaming Moments Aug. 30, 2006
These are the gaming moments which the mere memory of still induce laughter.

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The Archduke's Critical Weakness
featured on Aug. 30, 2006 contributed by Xanalith

This event occurred in a world of my friend's creation. He is an excellent gamemaster with a flair for creating new twists and turns in every session. The game world is set in New York, pre-World War 2. The players are members of the BPRD which deals in paranormal activities. (The world is loosely based on the Hellboy comics.)

The players consisted of five agents: Isaac (the French spy), Rosa (the transsexual terrorist), Charlotte (a British agent), Oliver (a mysterious Indian demolitions expert), and myself, Lance (a millionaire playboy and mystic weapons expert).

In this particular mission our objective was to locate a reliquary that was currently inhabited by the escaped Archduke of Hell. On investigations led us to some guarded warehouses, which in an ironic twist were located where the present day UN stands. After poking around for half an hour, and somewhat annoying the gamemaster, I walked up to the gate guard and asked for admittance.

Five minutes later, we were trudging through an underground tunnel. It was newly hollowed out and quite damp. Our characters soon came to a ledge overlooking a large recently dug cavern.

On the cavern floor we saw ten acolytes dressed in red robes guarding the reliquary that we were looking for. We decided to sneak up on them so as to gain an advantage for the upcoming combat. Unfortunately, Rosa was wearing high heels and promptly tripped sending an avalanche of small rocks sliding down the path. Oliver, sensing the danger we had gotten ourselves into, promptly lobbed a smoke bomb over the cliff.

The team ran down the remaining cliff face as fast as we could (Rosa removing her high heels first). Upon reaching the bottom we engaged the acolytes in combat. It was tough going, as not only were they strong opponents, but the smoke from Oliver's earlier bomb made seeing difficult.

Not long after the combat had begun, Rosa and I found ourselves standing before the reliquary. I promptly got out my bottle of holy water and emptied it over the immobile archduke. Horrible screams could be heard and suddenly the acolytes lost all interest in combat. Instead they all made a made dash for the reliquary. Rosa and I tried in vain to stop two of the acolytes, but a third one just slipped by.

As soon as he touched the reliquary he was possessed by the archduke. Rosa and I were at a loss as to what to do, but our teammates were to far away to be of any help, so it was up to us. I drew my gun and fired, the bullet however bounced harmlessly of some kind of protective barrier. Rosa on the other hand had a better idea...

"I kick the Archduke of Hell in the balls!"

The gamemaster, somewhat baffled, told her to roll her dice. Amazingly, she rolled an exceptional success.

"The Archduke of Hell falls to the floor holding his groin."

When the team finally overcame the hilarity that ensued, we quickly polished off the acolytes. Unfortunately the archduke escaped, but not before knocking everyone bar myself and Rosa unconscious.

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