The Saving Throw
Funniest Gaming Moments Mar. 15, 2006
These are the gaming moments which the mere memory of still induce laughter.

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Hanging out with the Bentenvanians
  contributed by Bakado

This story comes from a session run by my brother. Escaping an army of undead led by a death knight and a dracolich, five of us set out for the continent of Bentenvania in hopes of finding a solution to our problems. The group consisted of a Human magical item maker (me), an Elven shadow blade (my friend Alex), a Halfling ranger, a Human cleric, and a Kobold druid. Caught in a violent winter storm, it looked like we were going to die, at least until Duke Kazyr of the Bentenvanians found us and took us in. During our stay with Kazyr and his fellow Bentenvanians, too odd events occurred.

The first was something called Bentenvanian Ice Soccer. This seemed like normal soccer for the most part, with two teams and two goals. The unusual part of this game was that the ball was made of ice, and that the goalies had their legs firmly closed together. When a player kicked the ball past the goalie into the goal, he was frustrated rather than happy. Noticing our confusion, Kazyr explained that the purpose was to kick the ball through the legs of the goalie, rather than past him. While we watched, Alex walked up to a ball and tried kicking it. When my brother asked him to roll, Alex got a natural 20, scoring a critical hit. The ball sailed through the air, hitting one of the goalies in the crotch, stunning him. While he was distracted, the ball dropped to the ground and rolled through his legs. Kazyr screamed, "GOOOOOAL!" I just shook my head.

The second event happened towards the end of our stay. As it turned out, the Bentenvanians raised various animals in their settlement. Rather than the usual things like cows or chickens, the Bentenvanians raised things such as dire polar bears and purple worms. The practice of cow tipping came to my head, and I made an off-hand remark about it. Alex, being somewhat of a trouble-maker, decided to have his character try and tip the polar bear. Practicality of such an act aside, the dire polar bear became very annoyed and proceeded to attack Alex, who ran away. Kazyr and I were forced to kill it to save my very random friend. I was exasperated, but Kazyr thought it was hilarious.

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