The Saving Throw
Most Disastrous Gaming Moments Feb. 22, 2006
These are the gaming moments that are best described as total disasters.

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Thud! Squish!
  contributed by Toran

   This event occurred during one of my favorite Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, set in the Faerun campaign setting under 3.5 rules. There were four player characters: a Rogue, a Sorcerer, a Cleric, and myself, a Monk. This was also one of my first sessions playing Dungeons and Dragons at all. Looking back, the warning lights in my mind should have been going off way before the... unpleasantness occurred.

First of all, the party was split up. The Sorcerer and I were taking on a frost giant. The Cleric and Rogue were captured by a group of said giants and we were their only hope. The encounter started off swimmingly; the Sorcerer cast a rather potent fireball that had the giant reeling. I closed in and started pummeling the poor thing. What happened next tought me a life lesson. "Giants can really pitch." The Frost giant, out of options, grappled me easily, and proceeded to toss me over seventy feet away during the next round. I flew over the Sorcerer and hit a pillar about thirty feet behind him and twenty feet above the ground. Somehow I had the presence of mind to safe fall the twenty feet to the ground.

The Sorcerer unleashed another spell or two as I quaffed a potion, and motioned for me to get back in the fray. Reluctantly I obliged and found myself staring the monster down... err... up again. Another life lesson. "Doing some action repeatedly and expecting a different outcome is the very definition of insanity." Once again, I was grappled and, once again I was in the air.

This time, however, the DM decided to have some more fun with us. As I rocketed to my death I was told that I hit something "squishy" and it saved me from taking the full amount of damage, I was unconscious, but I wasn't dead yet! The DM described the sound of the impact as "Thud! Squish!" Before I had time to thank the gods for this squishy savior, I noticed that the Sorcerer was nowhere to be found. After a little while... I found him, or what was left of him lying under me. Apparently, the Sorcerer critically failed his reflex saving throw and a wisdom save right afterwards... So, instead of leaping out of the way of my flight, he figured he could catch me. "Thud! Squish!" "Reroll characters I guess," the DM said.

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