The Saving Throw
Most Disastrous Gaming Moments Feb. 14, 2007
These are the gaming moments that are best described as total disasters.

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Complete Works of Vailar, Incomplete
featured on Feb. 14, 2007 contributed by Zollagins

I was playing a Dungeon and Dragons 3.5 Eberron Campaign with my usual group. Our group consisted of a changeling Lurk, Klashtar Telepath, half-orc barbarian/fighter, elven ranger, and a Kobold bard.

The Kobold Bard went by the name Vailar the scholarly. It Was Vailar's personal mission to learn about everything, and write it down in a book called the Complete Works of Vailar: Volume Two. Vailar was also incredibly impulsive, and like to do things without any warning as fast as he could.

While we where dungeon crawling, we came across a hatch in the ground. Vailar, dying to know what was inside, goes to open it, triggering a trap as he did so. The hatch shocks him for ten damage, leaving him at seven HP. There was nothing under the hatch but dirt, and this didn't sit right with Vailar. After digging for an hour he turned his attention back to the hatch. Vailar decided the hatch required further study, so he began to try and unhinge the hatch. The hatch, in turn, shocked him for another ten damage. Vailar was now at negative three hit points and dying.

Being the unbalanced party we were, our only healer was Vailar. He had some vials on his belt so the changeling began pouring them down his throat, hoping for a healing potion. The first one did nothing, it was an Oil of Repair Light Damage, and Vailar didn't stabilize that round. The second one caused some problems, as it was an Alchemist's Fire.

Needless to say by the time we stuffed enough dirt in his mouth to put out the fire, he was dead and the Complete works of Vailar: Volume Two would never be complete.

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