The Saving Throw
Most Creative Gaming Moments June 21, 2006
These are the unique gaming moments where the sheer creativity, by the players or by the gamemaster, was profoundly memorable.

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Becoming the Wyvern's Bane
featured on June 21, 2006 contributed by Nwash

   This story comes from what we call the arctic campaign, since, naturally, it takes place in the arctic region of my friend's realm. Technically, in this first adventure, we weren't actually there yet; we were on our way there sailing on the Foul Wind. This campaign was being played using Second Edition Dungeons and Dragons rules. I was playing a female enchanter, Maya, being sent to study under a high-level wizard who had a keep in the arctic. The other players were playing a firbolg fighter and a druid of an arctic race.

Our journey to the north was problematic early on with an attack by a rival and a dragon turtle, but we eventually made it to the arctic region at last. The Foul Wind was equipped with skis for travel on the ice, and eventually we were sailing across the ice toward the wizard's keep. During this trip, we'd encounter a couple groups of wyverns.

Wyverns were problematic, of course, since they are aerial creatures. Maya's only ranged weapons were darts, and these didn't have the greatest of range nor did they cause much damage. The charm spells she knew weren't powerful enough to affect wyverns, and thus, her options were extremely limited. Really, it was hard to come up with anything for her to do during this fight.

There was only one thing I could think of: the Bind spell which gave her control over a length of rope. If she could get rope up on one of the wyverns, she could entangle the wyvern in the rope and bring it down, hopefully killing it. Fortunately, the firbolg agreed to get the rope onto the wyvern; it wasn't too hard for him with his great size and strength. Thus, with an accurate throw, he managed to get a long length of rope hanging from the wyvern. Maya cast her Bind spell and put the rope into knots around the wyvern, entangling it and making it impossible to stay airborne. The wyvern fell hard in front of the Foul Wind, but was lucky enough to survive.

This wouldn't last long, though. Much to my surprise, the captain of the Foul Wind ordered the ship forward toward the bound wyvern. We surged forward, and the wyvern died quite messily when one of the skis of the Foul Wind ran it over. It would be at this point that the Foul Wind would receive a name change; it would now be known as the Wyvern's Bane. It was certainly a much more impressive name, and with all the dead wyverns we'd left behind us, I believe the ship earned its new name.

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