The Saving Throw
Most Creative Gaming Moments Mar. 15, 2006
These are the unique gaming moments where the sheer creativity, by the players or by the gamemaster, was profoundly memorable.

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Lich to Stone
  contributed by Eggman

During a recent adventure, our party had to storm the manor of a local overlord. This particular overlord was a member of the Cult of the Dragon, who are known for creating Dracolichs and other types of undead. Upon storming the manor, we were confronted with a large group of undead, an undead dragon (not a Dracolich), and a high level wizard. My character represented the wizard of our group and was particularly good at throwing lightning bolts. I blasted off what I could, but this battle was none the less quite draining. However, the wizard we faced, despite being higher level than me, could not stand up to my lightning bolts and retreated.

We made it through the battle and entered the Manor. Inside, we discovered the wizard had been healed by their cleric (also present). One of our clerics got lucky with a silence spell and managed to stop the wizard in her tracks. After making short work of the cleric, we sent the wizard off to the local magistrate, where she was imprisoned. First we confisicated her magic items, which included a scroll of Flesh to Stone. In prison, she promptly drank poison and died.

But this is where it got interesting. As she was a member of the Cult of the Dragon, when her body was disposed of, she, in fact, came back as a Lich. On our next foray into a lair of the Cult, we encountered her yet again. This time, she also had an undead Gray Render with her. So I immediately blasted her with my signature lightning bolt, but this time she shrugged it off. It appears that becoming a lich had provided her with a measure of immunity to lightning. Our warriors struck at her, but their weapons also had very little effect. It seemed lightning was not her only immunity. So now we faced off against her with very little that would hurt her. Her immunities were absorbing everything we threw at her.

It was at that point that I began rifling through everything I had trying to find a way to defeat her. And then I came across the scroll. She may be undead, but even the undead are made of flesh, so I quickly read the Flesh to Stone scroll, and with a few lucky die rolls, she solidified into a statue. And thus she was not only defeated, but she was taken down by the very scroll which we stole from her before sending her off to prison.

We now have a lovely statue of a lich which adorns our Stronghold.

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