The Saving Throw
Most Creative Gaming Moments Feb. 8, 2006
These are the unique gaming moments where the sheer creativity, by the players or by the gamemaster, was profoundly memorable.

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A Mage's Unnatural Luck
featured on Feb. 8, 2006 contributed by Matthew "RedBeastMage" Foster

After my friends and I had just wrapped up my latest campaign, I suggested someone else step up to the plate and be the Dungeon Master. My friend Tom decided that it would be cool to run a game and agreed to do it. Silly silly man.

He decided to start the game at level 5, since we all pretty much loath levels 1-3. For my character, I decided on a true neutral wizard/cleric. The funny thing about my character was that he was hell bent on learning every spell there was to learn, hence the multi-class. My plan was for my character to go into a prestige class to learn arcane and divine spells. Tom saw no harm in this as a DM, but oh boy, was he in for it.

In our first adventure, the party was going to set sail towards an island from a local port town. We decided to spend the night in town before setting out. I, however, wasn’t interested in sleep. I went about town looking for anyone who might have some new magic for me to learn and add to my spell book. I found a man who ran a shop with a few scrolls I wanted, but I didn’t have the funds. So, before resorting to violence to get my hands on the precious magic, I decided to con some money from the locals at the bar.

I went to the tavern and found some sailors engaged in a dice game. So, I sat down at the table, talked some smack, and got challenged to some rolling. So, as I rolled the dice, I cast prestidigitation. With the magic, I managed to clear the sailors out of a lot of cash before they threw me out of the game for my unnatural luck.

But I wasn’t finished yet. So I went and got my friend Jay, the rogue, and we headed to the tavern. I wore different clothes and a hood as to not be easily noticed. We walked in separately, Jay heading to the dice table while I head to a close by vantage point.

With all our money pooled together, he went to town playing dice. He kept his bets small and wasn’t having a good show. Then it came time to put our plan into action. Jay threw all our money on the table for one grand bet. The sailors agreed to the wager, and assumed that the bad luck rogue wouldn’t win. As Jay threw his dice, I silently case mage hand, and guided the dice into a perfect roll, an automatic win.

Tom couldn’t believe what I had just done. He never saw it coming, and ended up forking over way more then he bargained for. The next day when we set sail, the magic shop was closed, and my efforts to break in and acquire my spells were futile. But I still got the money, and if I had lived another day past that, I would have spent it well.

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