The Saving Throw
Contest Entry Dec. 27, 2006
Gaming moments with multiple endings, but only one is the real ending.

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My Nemesis, the Wall
featured on Dec. 27, 2006 contributed by   Nwash

This adventures comes from my friend's fantasy realm where we were using Dungeons and Dragons, Second Edition rules. The party consisted of a human paladin, a dwarven fighter, and I was playing a human ninja. We had just come out of a difficult battle, and being unfortunate enough not to be in possession of healing potions, I was unable to do anything to improve my current paltry count of 6 HP. Thus, we began scouting the area looking for a place to rest or for anything to help with our wounds. We eventually found an small old castle which was in disrepair, and the party generally decided to check it out even though the gates were closed.

I decided I would scale the wall as I had a 50% chance in that ability. It was something of a risky decision given the low HP of my character, and the first attempt should have dissauded me as I fell and lost 2 more of my precious HP. I was stubborn, though, and decided to try again.

 Which ending is the real one?


This time, I succeeded, but the dungeon master ruled that this only got me to the top of the wall. Without thinking about trying to find a stairway, or essentially anything safe, I just decided I'd just scale down the other side and open the gate. This time, my failure would cause me 5 points of damage, which was enough to leave me on death's doorstep. At this point, the dwarf simply tried brute force, slamming himself against the old gate a few times. The gate was in something of disrepair and he eventually rolled high enough to knock it over, and I was saved by the paladin who used her ability to heal by laying her hands on me. Since then, I've been far more careful using my Climb Walls ability.


I started up again and rolled extremely badly this time. The dungeon master, unfortunately, had neglected to explain just how poor a condition this structure was in, and he decided that I didn't actually fall because I slipped or lost my grip. No, I fell because the wall collapsed under my weight. I was lucky on the damage roll, losing only 2 HP, and I had solved our problem. The wall was no longer an obstacle, and we entered by carefully stepping over the rubble through the opening I had just created.

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