The Saving Throw
Contest Entry Dec. 20, 2006
Gaming moments with multiple endings, but only one is the real ending.

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Illusionary Escape
featured on Dec. 20, 2006 contributed by   Macstorm

Once again, I bring you an adventure from my freestyle message board RPG based very loosely on Final Fantasy. As usual, our setting was a completely original world and began on the continent of Stonshine. Characters were allowed to pick a job class from the original Final Fantasy selection: Fighter, Monk, Thief, Red Mage, White Mage, and Black Mage. Experience was based on post contribution and was updated weekly. After a set amount of experience was gained, a class change would be possible. The group is this part of the adventure consisted of a Ninja, a Red Wizard, and my character, still dressed as a Red Wizard, but actually a Sage of sorts with Illusionary magic.

In an attempt to try and prod this group into taking the quest into their own hands, I decided that my character needed to leave the group. I figured that this would help motivate the other adventures to think on their own and not rely on me when I needed a break from leading them. My character couldn't just up and leave or die, because I did want him to have a major role in the game later on, so I had to be creative.

The three of us were fighting our way through a valley when we came upon an old, yet sturdy bridge. It was a long trek across this bridge, but since the adventure had been rather quite, the adventurers weren't expecting anything difficult. Well, about a quarter of a way across this bridge a squad consisting of an unknown race of highly intelligent looking creatures materialized on the bridge blocking our path. They didn't seem too happy about us being here. Without consulting us, our Ninja made the rash decision to attack and fight our way through.

 Which ending is the real one?


This was my opportunity to escape as we were clearly outnumbered and outclassed. I helped the Ninja and Red Wizard make it past the squad, but they were in no position to make a clean getaway. Once we worked our way past the squad, I made a Gandalf-esque stand and destroyed the bridge. This was just an illusion though, as I was not really on the same side as the adventurers, just my illusion. The squad and I made a mad dash to the other side. The adventurers saw that I wasn't dead, but I had been captured, and they had to create their own adventure to rescue me.


It was a good thing that these soldiers were just an illusion of my own design as they easily captured me, but for some reason (*wink* *wink*) the adventurers made it safely to the other side. Knowing that they were outclassed, they had to come up with their own creative ways to rescue me.

Results for this Contest Entry

Correct answer: B. 2 correct, 2 incorrect.
  Macstorm earns 10 points from writing the entry.
Leaper guesses B and earns 7 points.
Karlinn guesses A and earns 2 points.
UFJ guesses A and earns 2 points.
Bainick guesses B and earns 7 points.
Leaper casts Fortitude and gains 2 points.
UFJ casts Vampiric Touch on Bainick.
   UFJ drains 3 points from Bainick.

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