The Saving Throw
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Gaming moments with multiple endings, but only one is the real ending.

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What Kind of Bar is This?
featured on Dec. 6, 2006   contributed by wambatboy

As my group and I were walking though Vatican City, we came upon the Nordic section of town. My traveling companions, who consisted of a Ninja, Gun Bunny, Fighter, and myself as a Magical boy, were looking around outside this bar. It had the strangest title that any of us has ever encountered in our long time of gaming.

Our eyes looked up at the bright neon sign that simply stated "Loki's Bar and Grill" and under that, it said "Free Peanuts." So as I look at my companions, we were all to stunned to say anything so we walked in through the western style saloon doors and...

 Which ending is the real one?


The completely stainless steel bar was manned by one bartender who was talking with a couple of guys that would look like they belonged at a gay biker bar. As the door opened on the right side of the room, we heard a string quartet play the 1912 overture. We sat down at the bar and looked at the sterile environment as we ordered our drinks.


As we passed through the saloon style door, they closed behind us and changed into solid wood doors that looked like they belonged to a medieval style castle rather than a bar. There was the sound of a beat and flashing lights coming from under the door to the right of us. We decided to investigate and as we open the door, we find that the entire room is filled with people at what looks like a rave. We get pulled in by a group of attractive women and proceed to dance till we drop.

Results for this Contest Entry

Correct answer: B. 2 correct, 1 incorrect.
Leaper guesses B and earns 5 points.
UFJ guesses B and earns 5 points.
Bainick guesses A and earns 2 points.
wambatboy earns 7 points from writing the entry.

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