The Saving Throw
Contest Entry Nov. 29, 2006
Gaming moments with multiple endings, but only one is the real ending.

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Live Capture
featured on Nov. 29, 2006 contributed by   Nwash

This story comes from a Star Wars RPG adventure from long, long ago, though not far, far away. It was long enough ago that the details are fuzzy, but I remember the overall story. This story involved a mercenary character of my friend who went by the charming name Bloodlust and his two crew members. While out in Bloodlust's starship, they were attacked by a bounty hunter who successfully disabled Bloodlust's ship. The bounty hunter managed to board the ship through the top hatch. He was able to knock out Bloodlust's two female crew members after a fairly lengthly fight, and it was no less difficult for him to take down Bloodlust as well. Eventually, though, this bounty hunter, an expert in live captured, had achieved his mission.

He took his three captives aboard his ship and kept them unconscious until he had delivered them to the dark lord who had hired him. They would awaken to find themselves in a nondescript jail cell with no idea where they were. They also had no idea where the bounty hunter who had captured them had gone to. They immediately tried to locate a way to escape.

 Which ending is the real one?


Bloodlust and his crew didn't have to wait long, as the bounty hunter who had captured them walked up to the cell door and simply opened it. Seeing their confused expressions, he explained that there was a misunderstanding in the contract. He was expecting to be paid in Imperial credits, but his employer paid him in currency she had printed for the empire she was trying to form. Since he didn't consider that acceptable payment, he was now going to help Bloodlust and his crew escape as a matter of principle. Seeing that this bounty hunter was a "true professional," Bloodlust accepted the help without objection and they fought their way back to the bounty hunter's ship. He took them back to Bloodlust's ship where they parted ways with no hard feelings.


A guard eventually came by with food, and Bloodlust grabbed the guard when he was close enough and knocked him out by slamming him against the bars. He was able to find the access card to open the cell hanging from the guard's waist and they were out. Bloodlust took the guard's blaster and they explored the unfamiliar surroundings, finding they were on some kind of old space station which looked like it was being repaired. They fought some other guards and took more blasters as they found their way to the docking bays. Locating the ship of the bounty hunter that had captured them, they decided to steal that particular ship. After picking up their own ship, they sold the bounty hunter's ship to some contacts, making a tidy profit from this misadventure and earning the wrath of the bounty hunter.

Results for this Contest Entry

Correct answer: A. 2 correct, 2 incorrect.
Leaper guesses A and earns 7 points.
Karlinn guesses B and earns 2 points.
UFJ guesses B and earns 2 points.
Bainick guesses A and earns 7 points.
  Nwash earns 10 points from writing the entry.
UFJ casts Vampiric Touch on Bainick.
   UFJ drains 3 points from Bainick.
Bainick casts Antipathy on UFJ.
   Bainick gains 3 points.
   UFJ loses 3 points.

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