The Saving Throw
Contest Entry Oct. 18, 2006
Gaming moments with multiple endings, but only one is the real ending.

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A Deal's a Deal
  contributed by   Nwash

This was the end of the first adventure in what we call the arctic campaign. I was playing a female enchanter and one of my friends was playing a druid of an arctic race unique to my friend's realm, but the important player character here was the Firbolg fighter. We had set sail to Lorne's Keep from much farther south and had a quite an eventful journey reaching this arctic outpost on board the Foul Wind. In fact, due to a number of battles with wyverns during the trip, Captain Starkey, our peg-legged privateer captain, decided to rename his ship and call it the Wyvern's Bane.

The Firbolg fighter had been recruited by Starkey on behalf of Lorne, and we had heard Starkey saying on a couple of occasions that the fighter was worth his weight in gold. It appeared that Starkey was expecting some considerable compensation for bringing this giant warrior to Lorne. While we knew that Lorne was a powerful wizard and was essentially the man in charge in that region of the arctic, we really didn't know what Starkey was expecting. It turned out that Lorne had promised to make Starkey any enchanted item he wanted in exchange for bringing him such a large warrior, but Lorne was about to be surprised, and quite annoyed, by Starkey's request.

 Which ending is the real one?


Expecting Starkey to ask for some small item to carry on his person, Lorne became quite angry when Starkey asked for an enchanted figurehead for his ship. The making of enchanted items is already quite an involved and lengthy process, but something the size of a ship's figurehead with enchantments designed to affect an entire ship would be a rather significant undertaking even for a wizard such as Lorne. Unfortunately, a deal is a deal, and Lorne, angry and unhappy, agreed to do this for Starkey, though he did tell the captain that this request would take a lot of time.


Expecting Starkey to ask for some kind of magic armor or weapon, Lorne was stunned when Starkey asked for a trinket that would allow him to control the winds in the immediate area. Lorne was quite frustrated, as this little trinket would be extraordinarily difficult for him to create, but a deal is a deal. Lorne had no choice but to agree, even though this little trinket might take him months of work.

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