The Saving Throw
Contest Entry Aug. 23, 2006
Gaming moments with multiple endings, but only one is the real ending.

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Three-edged Sword
featured on Aug. 23, 2006 contributed by Macstorm

I'm not sure how long most traditional Dungeons and Dragon campaigns run for, but message board RPGs are short at best. This adventure came in the wake of a very successful message board campaign and fizzled out very quickly. Here's a brief description of the downfall of this campaign.

This was an original world based completely in Final Fantasy lore, but with no job class restrictions. Players would either pick a mage or a melee based character, though that choice was only their focus and did not limit melee players from using magic or vice versa. There were only about three of us that started this campaign, but we were hoping to draw in more during our adventures. Things just didn't happen the way we had hoped.

Our first adventure began in a riverside town with the meeting of two female characters and my male character. Having just come out of a previous adventure together, the three of us worked together really well and came up with some rather creative ideas. The problem began when we couldn't decide who would lead, where we would go, who would role-play the main villain, or anything really.

 Which ending is the real one?


Finally, one of the females who was playing a mage just took off and began a battle for us. We were pitted against a dragonlord and his army of dragons and minions. Being severely outmatched, we ran away, but not before the female mage was captured. She started creating a villain and plot line for us, but the other female was upset by her ideas being shot down, so she just faded away. The other female took up both female characters and tried to run the campaign with just the two of us. Things didn't work out and we both just led it end.


Finally, one of the females who was playing a melee character decided that we should play as opposing characters instead of teammates. This started off well and all three of us had good ideas for how to pit our characters against each other. Things kept getting more and more complicated, so eventually it was just a hassle to continue the adventure with all of us going in different directions. The campaign just faded away.


Finally, I decided to step in and give us some direction; after all, I had led the last campaign. The three of us adventured through some old mountain ruins and began developing a little bit of a plot. I was not feeling extremely creative having been burnt out from running our last campaign, so I was hoping to lean heavily upon my other two companions. They weren't in a really creative mood either, so we kept coming up with stupid ideas. Nothing really took hold, so we abandoned the adventure in very short order.

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